Downtown “Seediness”

When I was much, much younger, my mom made us do housework, especially when anyone was coming over.


The house had to look it’s best, and we had to behave our best!


As I work at one of the high-profile accounts for the security company I work for, I am always encountering guests from all over the world, and they are always complimentary of our city.


However, I’ve noticed that we could use some sprucing up.  Why is it that e have one of the finest arenas in the nation, but the approaches to it look so bad?


When was the last time anyone painted the crosswalks at Union and BB King?

Why is it that the chronic condition of the TGI Friday sidewalks escapes anyone who can do anything about its attention?  Those bricks have been loose longer than I’ve been a few short.


Why is it that we have a non working message board with two MAJOR company’s logos on it? (Read First Tenn and Coke!) When was th last time anyone saw that sign actually energized?

Add to that the weeds growing out of the grates around the trees  (where there are actually trees remaining in the plantings) and you have a “seedy” looking downtown, to use my mom’s pet phrase.


It is my understanding that we have a downtown Memphis commission.  It is my understanding that their job is to advocate for downtown, and invite people to come here.


If they want to run Beale Street, on a permanent basis, let’s let them prove that they can do their primary job first.


Is anyone listening?